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God's Drum featuring Te Ata

Te Ata was a Chickasaw storyteller who earned an international reputation for interpreting Native American folklore. She performed across the United States, before European royalty, and was the first performer in the White House after Franklin Roosevelt was elected President.

She was born in 1895 in Indian Territory, now the State of Oklahoma. Te Ata was educated in tribal schools, earned a BA degree in Drama, and did advanced drama study at The Carnegie Institute of Technology. She starred as on the Chautauqua circuit and on Broadway. As a recognized theater professional, Te Ata realized that "my first love was the folklore of my people." Te Ata was thus acclaimed, "The most polished and passionate Native American storyteller of the 20th century."

Te Ata passed away in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on October 26, 1995. This documentary includes film footage of her performances and live interviews. It also includes interviews with Chickasaw Governor Bill Anoatubby, story teller Lynn Moroney, and State Senator Helen Cole, Te Ata's niece.

Sleep My Sons

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