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Sleep My Sons

SLEEP MY SONS is a definitive survivorsí account of the sinking of the Japanese "hell ship" Arisan Maru. This prison "hell ship" was sunk on October 24, 1944, with 1800 American P.O.W.s aboard. There were eight survivors.

Itís the beginning of World War II in the Philippine Islands and you're there. With SLEEP MY SONS' exclusive survivors' accounts combined with American and Japanese war footage you'll see the Japanese attack on the Commonwealth of the Philippines, the Bataan Death March, the surrender of Corregidor, the horror of the Japanese prison camps, and the sinking of the "hell ship" Arisan Maru.

In SLEEP MY SONS you will see and hear the stories of those who survived -- through their own eyes and in their own words.

SLEEP MY SONS is a lasting tribute to the brave American defenders of the Commonwealth of the Philippines; those who defended such places as Bataan, Corregidor, Luzon and Visayas; those gallant men who fought on with no food, no medicine, outdated weapons, and very little ammunition in "The Alamo of World War II."

Sleep My Sons

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